Learn all about your attachments!

Every attachment has its own unique job, this means that each one will perform a different task to allow a better use per muscle.

Softest Brush

Bending the needles, massage in a slow, upward motion. Use on sore or delicate skin like on the top of feet, back of hands. Use on scalp slowly.

Deep Tissue

Use on pressure points and around shoulder blades.

Soft Brush

Use on jointed areas like hands, knees, feet.

51 Points

Best used over clothing. Use on soles of feet, thighs. Good for a back scratch.


Use on lower back, upper areas of the legs, shoulders.

21 Points

Use on large muscles, soles of feet and thighs.

Contoured Gem

Use to massage both sides of the spine. Fits around arms, upper & lower legs.

How to attach massager heads

Deep tissue

Quad Use

Hand Use

Self Use