Bulk Orders

Everything on bulk-orders

Here at Birdhill we have made it easier than ever for chiropractic businesses, gyms, athletic clubs, and sports teams to get the MagicHands™ experience. Everything that is in a regular order WILL be included with the bulk orders. We also offer discounts and free shipping on select orders.

Below you will find a FAQs section going into detail.

$150/each 10 to a case.

Free shipping to states in the Pacific Northwest. Any other state we will split the cost.

We cover warranty work for any of your devices. Please send in your warranty card that came with the device and we will get it fixed!

Ordering in bulk is easy!

1) simply click “add to cart” on the massager.

2) Go to your cart.

3) Increase the order quantity to at least 10.

4) Enter discount code: BULK

5) Enjoy! 😁